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About DanBIF

DanBIF has a board, a Node Manager and a network of members from Danish research institutions, organisations etc. DanBIF is hosted by the Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen.


The DanBIF Board is appointed by the Deans of Science / University of Copenhagen, Science and Technology / Aarhus University, and the Faculty of Science / University of Southern Denmark.

  • Chairwoman: Professor Katherine Richardson (University of Copenhagen),
    Head of Delegation for Denmark in GBIF Governing Board
  • Representative of biology at the University of Copenhagen: Head of Collections Nikolaj Scharff
  • Representative of biology at Aarhus University: Viceinstitutleder Flemming Skov
  • Representative of biology at Aarhus University: Associate professor Wolf Eiserhardt
  • Representative of biology at the University of Southern Denmark: Associate professor Dalia Amor Conde 

Node Manager

Node Manager & Data Curator: M.Sc., ph.d. Isabel Calabuig.
For more information, see Contact.


The DanBIF network includes representatives from Danish research institutions that are involved in biodiversity research, and other people who are interested in the work of DanBIF.