DanBIF Conference 2008: Biodiversity Informatics and Climate Change Impacts on Life

April 5-6, 2008, at Aarhus University, Denmark


  • DanBIF - Danish Biodiversity Information Facility
  • Department of Biological Sciences, Aarhus University
  • Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen

Scientific Committee and Conference Secretariat

About this conference

The conference addressed one of the most pressing scientific questions related to 21st century global warming: To what extent will global warming affect Earth's biodiversity including the natural systems that sustain human societies? The large-scale and long-term nature of this issue makes it exceedingly difficult to address by the traditional experimental approach. As evidenced by many studies, a biodiversity approach, capitalizing on recent gains in computing power, statistics, and data availability (as spear-headed by the Global Biodiversity information Facility, GBIF), is needed for broad synthetic assessments of the risks associated with the ongoing and predicted global warming. At the conference a suite of the World's leading scientists in biodiversity informatics and climate change biology came together to provide a cutting-edge overview of the likely biodiversity consequences of 21st century global warming. Hereby the conference provided an invaluable basis for the crucial further scientific progress on this issue and for policy makers and the climate change research community in general. The conference covered the key issues that need to be addressed by a biodiversity informatics approach to climate change biology.

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