Specify 6 tutorial (under construction!)


Specify is a database platform for museum and herbarium research data. It manages species and specimen information for computerizing biological collections, tracking museum specimen transactions, linking images to specimen records and publishing catalogue data to the Internet.

Specify supports data from specimens, taxonomic and stratigraphic classifications, field notebooks, DNA sequence runs, literature references, as well as from other primary sources. It also manages the information associated with repository agreements, accessions, conservation treatments, collection object containers, images, and document attachments.

Specify 6 is written in Java for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux computers and uses the relational data manager, MySQL, as its data engine.

For more information, see the Specify Software Project website, and info on Specify 6.

Online video tutorials

Just below the headlines of the different chapters in this tutorial, you will find a link to the corresponding Specify Helpcast video tutorial (if any). You can watch the videos for more elaborate information on the different subjects.

You can find all video Helpcasts on this link: http://specifysoftware.org/specify-project-helpcasts/.

You can also see the Specify HelpSnips, which are very short tutorials on particular Specify Software capabilities. Shorter than HelpCasts, HelpSnips are perfect for short attention spans. See all on https://vimeo.com/channels/specifyhelpsnips.

Please note

This tutorial only describes the most used forms, functions and features, not all that are mentioned in the Helpcast videos. Therefore, some chapters just consist of headline, keywords and link to the Helpcast video. Other chapters go beyond the Helpcast videos and cover e.g. examples of user stories and information flows for digitisation of specimens / collections and related items (field notes etc.).

Most of the chapters in this tutorial address Specify end users (curators, collection managers), and a few chapters address only admin users (tutors / administrators).


For users

For administrators

Thank you to biologist and web editor Lotte Endsleff (former DanBIF employee) for planning and constructing these tutorial webpages and writing, compiling and editing the text.