Fuglene ved de danske Fyr, 1883-1939

Birds at the Danish Lighthouses, 1883 – 1939

The digitisation of the multiple volumes of "Fuglene ved de danske Fyr, 1895-1939" (UK: Birds at the Danish Lighthouses, 1895-1939) was initiated through a suggestion from the Thy National Park, Denmark. They wanted to use specific occurrence data from two lighthouses (Lodbjerg Fyr and Hanstholm Fyr) for an exhibition project. It would be a benefit to the Natural History Museum of Denmark to have DanBIF digitise these volumes, namely, to preserve them for the future and provide online access for everyone. The digitisation project eventually expanded after the discovery of more journal publications and thus resulted in the compilation of "Fuglene ved de danske Fyr, 1883 -1939" (UK: Birds at the Danish Lighthouses, 1883 – 1939). Read more about the digitisation project.

Data published in GBIF

See the dataset with 1212 occurrences on GBIF portal: Birds fallen at Danish Lighthouses 1883 through 1939.
This dataset presents occurrence records and notes of birds extracted from “Fuglene ved de danske Fyr 1883-1939” (i.e. “Birds at the Danish Lighthouses 1883-1939”).

Digitised book volumes